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Everything You Need to Know about Music Stores in Adelaide

music industryAre you a fan of Australian music? If so, then you should consider shopping at music stores adelaide. Music is quite important in Australia, including areas such as Adelaide. Did you know that it’s actually the 6th biggest market in the entire world in terms of total revenues? Meanwhile, in terms of digital sales, Australia is also the 7th biggest overall market in the entire world.

Not only that but Australians spend more than $350 million per year on recorded music. There’s more! One-fifth of Australians are also involved in the process of creating music. That includes about one-third of those between the ages of 15 to 24.

Music stores are quite popular throughout Australia including large cities and small towns. However, live music is also very important to the Australian music industry. That’s related to teaching music students and also creating revenue.

How often do Australians go to live music events? It turns out that more than 9 million tickets are sold each year for live music and music theatre. Besides that, the industry itself spends more than $1.5 billion.

The live music industry in Australia is actually larger than the movie, TV, and video game sectors. Not only that but the live music sector is growing quickly in Australia. In fact, many cities across the country are also developing their own strategies for live music.

Besides going to live music events, another option is to make your own music after purchasing instruments at stores throughout the country, such as in Adelaide. This is a great way to learn how to play the instrument. You could then share the music with friends or family, give live performances, and even make commercial recordings to sell on the market. All of these options allow you to contribute to the live music market in Australia. Not only that, but it also helps to boost the economy in various cities such as Adelaide.

For example, every year the Adelaide Festival takes place in the city and the tradition has been continuing for over half a century. After purchasing your musical instrument at a music store in the region you could then practice to participate in the festival.

The event includes features such as top-notch musicians, amazing dance pieces, famous writers, and eye-catching visual arts displays. It’s definitely an event that you shouldn’t miss if you live in Adelaide or have plans to visit the region in South Australia.

There are many types of instruments you could buy before the big yearly event. They include guitars, drums, keyboards, and others. There are other types of instruments and equipment you can select from such local stores that will allow you to prepare for public events or just enjoy making music.

Before making your choice of a musical instrument it’s important to do enough research before you select the right instrument. You can find a quality music store in places such as Adelaide with the best instruments for your needs. It will help to find the best instruments to make the best Australian music.

How Spotify Can Help Save The Dying Industry Of Music

Spotify, a desktop music payer and mobile application, gives registered users immediate access to their library which contains millions of songs. It has been founded on April 2006 by Daniel Ek with Martin Lorentzon, his fellow Swedish entrepreneur. Together, they formed this application to obtain a single objective: to create an online platform that allows users to access their vast catalog and create a legal substitute to piracy and hopefully improve on the music industry.

Both creators admitted that they are obsessed with music and they want to improve everybody’s music experience. They do not only target the immediate consumers, but this app is also for artists and producers to have an enjoyable experience in the business.

Currently, because of Spotify, users are able to listen to music they haven’t yet before. Though, they have instantaneous access also to the music library, some songs have a premium value and would require payment. Though many people have the mentality of not wanting to pay for music, Spotify has changed that and users are more than willing to pay since for a small price, they are able to redefine and renew their love for music.

Spotify also improves the music industry because users support artists more. It would give a positive boost to the industry since consumers will be more willing to attend to concerts or other events. It would dramatically improve sales say for example, 2Chainz, Kendrick Lamar, or Blake Shelton tickets.

This music app has also featured success stories for starting rock bands that only had a few Facebook and Twitter pre-Spotify. Then, they were featured and the unexpected exposure has proven to be a great help for their emerging careers. It gave them new fans and boosted their digital album sales.

Spotify has been thought to be a game-changer in the music industry. Some even consider it as a beacon of hope since the problem on massive piracy kills the industry little by little. It aids it by making the people rekindle their love for songs and melodies. Lastly, more than serving millions of their consumers, they keep the best interest of artists in their minds and extend big help to them to further their careers.

Something to Ponder: Stay Up to Speed with Technology and Social Media

Indeed, the world is in the era of mechanics, machines, web, and social media. The different innovations nowadays are proofs that Science and Technology has totally taken over this planet. As a matter of fact, it’s quite difficult to imagine how the world looks like without any of the existing innovations today.

So how can one stay up to speed with the latest trends in technology and social media?

Staying up to Date with Social Media and Technology

Visit Sites that Offer Social Media News

Visiting and reading different sources of information regarding a variety of social media companies is indeed time-consuming. Thankfully, there are analysts and excellent writers who do summaries and give comments on the latest trends in the world of social media and technology, and then feature them in couple of news sites.

Among the most suitable news sites that can make people in loop about everything social media and tech are:

Social Media Examiner

This particular news site is more focused on social media that can be used for marketing. However, if people will ante to the site’s Social Media News tag, they can acquire a hefty summary of the most recent updates.


As of today, this website is considered as the major news site for the most recent technological updates. Aside from technology based news, people can also find social media related news in this site.

The Next Web

This website features news on technology; however, people can drill down to its Social Media channel to check out topic-specific write ups.


This website renders the most extensive commentary and news on the world of social media.

Sign up for Weekly Summary Newsletters

Those people who don’t like the idea of visiting one website to another, they may consider signing up for a technology summary newsletter. Most of these newsletters acquire the articles from the major news websites in the World Wide Web.

Check out RSS Feeds

As highly cognizable, RSS Feeds offer real-time web updates. Once people find news or blog websites that are related to technology and social media, they can subscribe to RSS, Really Simple Syndication, or RSS Feed- this is a form of technology that enables people to subscribe to, visit and read a variety of websites in one place.

Set up Podcasts

These are digital video or audio episodes which people can download in their computer, smartphone, or tablet. New episodes are being featured on regular basis, which are usually about the latest and most modern technological dates.

In this age of web technology and computers, people need to stay up to speed or else, they’ll be left behind the race for development and success. Nowadays, majority of the practical needs of people are gradually becoming dependent on technology, which is why it is now considered as an integral part of the lives of people of this generation.

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