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Marathons Contributes to Local Economies

There are lots of famous road races around the globe. Boston Marathon is one of them. It doesn’t only invite local participants but foreigners as well. It’s good to join in road races because of its health benefits. That’s why wearing the best running shoes for flat feet during marathons is necessary for a better running experience.

But it’s not only beneficial to your health but to local economies as well. Contribution of road races to the economy is a familiar topic. But you will not know its importance if you don’t understand how it works.  You see GDP’s with dollar signs ranging into millions but without proper knowledge you wouldn’t know what it means.

The truth is that marathon and tourism generates economic activity. Some runners are visitors from different countries around the world. Essentially, they are foreign travelers coming in for vacation. Large races usually benefits from the huge spending these visitors are willing to spend. They will eventually pay their hotel accommodations and meals during their stay and this is a great contribution to the local economy.

It’s undeniable that runners from out of town or out of the country need a place to stay and food to eat. This is the reason why famous marathons like Boston marathon, Chicago marathon generate millions of economic activity. Usually runners participating in these marathons are not from the area but from other from countries.

It’s a way to invite visitors. Runners come for the race but they want to stay for 4 days or 3 nights to experience the city. Exploring the city needs money therefore adding to the local income. In other hand, these races bring out many spectators. Friends and families want to watch their loved ones race and spend more money as they stay to witness the marathon. These large numbers are the GDP plus the average consumption that the event generates.

Another contribution is creation of job and the taxes created during the event. Increase of full time employment is visible in road racing events. Plus taxes generated are higher than usual. These paid taxes are used to continue government projects like road enhancement, school improvement and health care benefits.

Patronizing Small Business Helps Local Economy

It’s been a worldwide topic that small businesses help produce job opportunities. But some are ignoring their existence because of the fact that they are small. Their worth and function is underestimated without thinking that they have bigger contribution to the local economy than other large businesses.

Increasing number of large corporations and shopping stores is a threat to small businesses worldwide. You can ensure the success of small businesses in your area by patronizing local shopping stores. Immediate response on the need of services for your home like water delivery and plumbing service will no longer be a problem. Patronizing the trading of goods and services in your local area will preserve the local economy.

Small businesses open employment opportunities to residents in the local community. Local services are important to keep a business running. You can be a local contractor, bookkeeper and cleaning service provider. All these will likely decrease the rate of unemployment in your area.

There are wide varieties of local goods that you can sell locally. Farmers can sell their goods to local stores rather than selling them to large chain stores outside the locality. Selling your good and services to a local business will benefit everyone in the community. Local projects can be supported just by patronizing your own product.

If you’re supporting local businesses in your area, then the money spent will stay in the local district. Taxes paid will add to the yearly revenue of the local government. Remember that all taxes paid will also increase the tax income for the local government. Everybody knows that local funds are used for government projects that will benefits all the people living in the area.

Road improvement, school renovations and development of other public services are examples of government projects. Increase of revenue will help the realization of these missions. If you become a loyal customer of some local business then by no means you’re contributing much to the local economy. Big things come from small beginnings. It may seem unimportant but patronizing local ventures in your area is the key to a better economy. Don’t be fooled by some large businesses offerings.

Bruno Mars’ Bulky Bank Accounts

Banking industry has a big contribution to the economy. Businessmen drive to look for a successful and trustworthy bank to place their money and get some loans needed for the company. All money matters passes through the banking institution. Even the most famous actor alive goes to the bank. Even famous singers like Bruno Mars, along with his sold out concert tickets is his undeniably rich bank accounts. Sold out concerts are good to watch. If you want to watch and have fun check out these Bruno Mars Tickets.

Bank services have evolved in its finest. Through the big leap of some banks around the world, the world economy also benefitted from it. Small business and big business rely on the ups and down of the economy. Anywhere in the middle, banking has always been the mediator, lending and safekeeping money is the bank’s proficiency through the years.

Banking business has improved many of its services especially online banking and marketing. It’s making the headlines these days. They’re competing with other businesses that cater full online services. Depositing, withdrawing, remitting money is now a click away. It’s economy at its finest. Mastering this service gives a lot of comfort to everyone especially those who are buying some time just to visit the bank.

Is it safe to bank online? For some sensitive economist and business owners, this is a question that the institution cannot run from. We’ve heard stories of security breach in some prominent banks nowadays. It may lead us to thinking that online banking is not safe at all. But banking industry business owners have resolved this problem for their clients.

Yes, it is safe to bank online. You must take precautions in doing your own transactions. Remember that a country’s economy won’t flourish with your minds close to improvements. This is stepping up in the world where online business is also booming. Small and big enterprises play a big role in the economy. They also share the same sentiments as bank clients. Whether you find online banking useful or not, bear in mind that you are responsible of your actions. Avoid sharing of your personal data with others to enjoy the best offering our economy today has in store for you.

Does the Internet Harm or Benefit the Music Industry?

Music_IndustryThe onset of digital age was met by a lot of criticisms by industries that felt tremendous backlashes in profit. One of these industries is the music industry. In its formative years, the Internet has been a nesting ground for piracies and illegal downloading of songs. This caused huge loss in profit.

The shock and bewilderment of distributors and artists, however, are slowly being smoothed out. They have now come up with various ways to earn through the Internet. They have come now close to the reality that the Internet is a fruitful market ground that can rake in bucks if used properly and strategically.

The World in 2014 published a report last 2013 that predicts the good times ahead for the music industry. According to this report, 2014 will be a year of profit and new business ventures. The main thing to get excited about is subscription services like Spotify and Deezer. These services allow users to stream music for one month for a small fee. They can also choose to listen to advertisements in exchange of streaming music.

Online radios such as Pandora and iTunes Radio will also shape the market. Replacing the physical radio so many of us still keep around for old time’s sake, online radios will introduce new songs to listeners. It will be bridge to connect up and coming artists and listeners. These services will widen the fan base of bands and artists, thus increasing album sales.

Mobile apps and online sites that promote concerts and sell tickets are also going to be good news for the industry. For example, sites like MusoTickets that sell Imagine Dragons tickets offer concert details and ticket options that make it easy for the consumers to choose, plan, and go to live performances.

To say the least, the Internet will be a huge help to promote new music. Starting bands and artists can benefit largely if they use the Internet to distribute and promote their songs.

There will also be an increase in efforts in fighting online pirates. Music industry rightholders are going to do new measures to curb piracy such as pressuring Google to demote pirate links in search rankings, forcing ISPs to block listeners from accessing piracy sites, and trying to hamper the ad revenues of the pirate sites.


Are Live Concerts Good for the Local Economy?

Music industry is becoming increasingly profitable. The global revenue of $60.7 billion in 2006 increased to $67.6 billion in 2011. Revenues of live music particularly increased from $16.6 billion in 2006 to $23.5 billion in 2011. That’s almost 50% increase in the span of five years. This increase could have been caused by the Internet’s help of making music promotion easier . YouTube, with its millions of viewers and more than 6 billion hours of viewing every month, is currently the best place to promote one’s music.

With this huge sum of proceeds, the question of how live concerts impact the local community of the concert venue arises. Do live performances benefit the local community or harm it? And how? To answer this question, here are some cases that show how live concerts affected the economy of local communities:

Waterfront Concerts Series in Bangor, Maine

A 2013 study by the University of Maine showed that since 2010, the Waterfront Concerts Series has brought over $30 million into the local economy of Bangor. Featuring big artists like Sarah McLachlan, Tim Mcgraw, and Cassadee Pope certainly helped rake in the large revenue. The study also furthered that the concert profits supported an annual average of 160 local jobs, peaking in 2012 with 252 jobs.

Live Concerts in Victoria, Australia

In 2011, the Deloitte Access Economics investigated how concerts affected Victorian economy. They found out that live music was responsible for $501 million in gross state product (GSP) of Victoria in 2009-10. It also directly and indirectly generated 17, 200 full-time employment for the locals.

Usher’s 2012 Concert in South Africa

The Tourism Research in Economic Environs & Society (TREES) investigated how Usher’s concert in Soweto, Gauteng, South Africa affected the local’s economy. The study revealed that the concert’s economic impact totaled of R31.2 million or $3 million USD.

These studies show that musicians and concert goers help the economy in their own ways. Who knew that buying Katy Perry tickets  to perhaps see a glimpse of the famous Katy Perry boobs can help boost the local’s economy and create more local jobs? If continuously supported, live music scenes can definitely contribute more to local economies.

The Science Behind Taking a Break

All work and no play dulls even the world’s brightest and richest business tycoon. Yes, there’s truth to that saying, and the science behind it has spoken for itself. In fact, more studies have proven this one same point over and over.

In a study of some 400 workers in a certain company, performance dropped with a decrease in their sleeping hours, leading researchers to conclude that amount of sleep is one of the best indicators of work-related burn-out. In another study conducted by Harvard scholars, it was found that US companies lose around $63 billion each year in terms of productivity.

On the other hand, a researcher from Stanford University, Cheri D. Mah, discovered that male basketball players who slept at least ten hours every night are more likely to dramatically improve their performance, as proven when the players improved their three-point and free-throw shots during practice by 9% each on average.

In yet another study, it was found that taking naps during the day can also have positive effects on performance. In the research, air traffic controllers who worked in the night shift were allowed to nap for 40 minutes each. After sleeping for an average of 19 minutes, the employees scored higher on tests that looked into their reaction time and vigilance.

And it’s not just about sleeping more, of course. In a study conducted by accounting giant Ernst & Young of its own staff, they found that for every ten hours added to their workers’ vacation time, their year-end performance ratings went up by 8%. Furthermore, it was shown that those who often took vacations were less likely to resign.

The point is obvious here – everybody needs their own personal time away from all the stresses of work, if only to perform even better in their jobs. If you’re worried about the costs of vacationing, who says you have to? It doesn’t have to be a trip to the Bahamas.

The important thing is to give your mind a break. For all you know, it can be about digging that secret cougar crush you’ve always had on one of those hot, young  artists today. Do Justin Moore tickets sound interesting? Or maybe you’ve always fantasized about meeting Katy Perry. That girl’s got tons of events you could crash, too! The information you need is all online.

It’s all about giving yourself some ME time. Something to relax that brain and give it a little candy, so when it’s time to get back to work, you’ve got everything all refreshed and energized. After all, that’s when you’re likely to be the most productive.