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Streaming Services are Changing the Game of the Music Industry

spotifyStreaming service is here whether you like it or not, and it is certainly reshaping the music industry. Aside from giving audio technology experts something spicy to talk about, music streaming is the latest industry breakthrough. It increased by 93% in 2015 with some 317 billion total streams, as reported by Variety. Several issues come out of online music streaming, which would be briefly discussed below.


Both free and paid music streaming gives on-the-go listeners the opportunity to listen to the music they prefer in a customized, portable fashion. More importantly, streaming is free in most cases, with the only catch of having brief ads that listeners have no choice but to hear every so often. Some streaming services offer bypassing those ads for a small fee.

Devaluing Art

The biggest issue being dealt by online streaming industry is the economics side. When Taylor Swift became vocal about her disapproval of music streaming, her concern was that the service would devalue the art of music. She said that she believes that music should not be free and predicts that artists and record labels someday will think about the price point of an album and that she hoped they wouldn’t underestimate themselves or their art.

The artists pulled her music off Spotify and later prevented Apple Music from streaming her album 1989 due to a 3-month free trial offer, which would not pay royalties. The company later agreed to pay.

Streaming is not a simple issue. Some professionals, including disc jockey and producer Armin Van Buuren, emphasizes good points of streaming especially for allowing people to listen to their kind of music whenever and wherever. The artist has over 1.4 million Spotify followers and he stresses that free streaming doesn’t mean artists are not paid. Their pay just comes from advertising rather than the usual sources. Other people see it as a troublesome ground for inequity between big and lesser-known names.

Moving toward Paid Subscriptions

Anything of value that starts out free will eventually go towards being paid. This is also the direction being followed by streaming, such as the case of Apple Music being available with paid premiums. Spotify is known for its free tier but is developing ways to generate more money, possibly to pacify artists. It is reportedly keeping off new releases from the free offerings but only temporarily. As companies offering music streaming continue to expand, they can face more victories as seen from how the others went well over the last couple of years.

Other issues arise from music streaming, including the quality of the listening experience. Audio technology experts are always concerned about what people listen to, but listeners find a way by searching for specs available and change player preferences. Companies are now addressing this issue by improving the quality of the streamed music. For now, nobody knows exactly what the future of music streaming would be. It is for the music industry to solve issues revolving around sound quality, pay model and others. What proves true is the excitement brought by the art and science of making music; whether it is heard via CDs, free streaming, Adelaide bands for hire or any other medium.

Schedule For Blake Shelton Concert Tour

This month, this year the Great Blake Shelton has finally shown himself back on stage. Fellow country music lovers, you have received big news, Mr. Blake Shelton Concert Tour is now AVAILABLE! The man with his beautiful, charming country voice and his best country music is now going to be live on stage, so don’t miss it! Be sure to grab the tickets, reserved them if you want as long as you managed to secure in having the golden ticket in your possession. You don’t want to lose the chance! If you do, then you will regret in not grabbing the opportunity.

But to those who are new and are curious to know more about Mr. Blake Shelton, here are some basic information. Mr Blake Shelton is born at Ada, Oklahoma; Nashville Tennessee. He’s is born on June 18, 1976 and he is now 40 years old. He is married to a fellow country musician Miranda Lambert. He discovered his love for his music when he was just 12 years old, by then he has learned to sing and play musical instruments such as the guitar. He has launch four well known albums, the Austin, the Dreamer and the Blake Shelton’s Barn & Grill.

He is a good teacher, proof; the TV show VOICE. He also tried acting and starring in a some of the films such as Pitch Perfect, as the Judge # 1 and TV series. He has slowly gain a lot fans since his début back in 2001 and his popularity continues to grow till this day. Mr. Blake Shelton has been loved by his fans for not just his music but his growing compassion to all the victims who suffered from the tornado attack back at May 20, 2013. With the help of NBC, he has succeeded in organizing a charity event, raising money and giving support to those victims who suffered from the tornado.

Who doesn’t love the guy? If you are a die-hard fan you understand very well as to why you love the guy.

So, here are some of the schedules for his concert tour that are available:

  • Thursday, Sept. 15; 7:30 pm Location: Peoria Civic Center – Arena
    Peoria, IL
  • Friday, Sept. 16; 7:30 pm Location: Xcel Energy Center
    Saint Paul, MN
  • Saturday, Sept. 17; 7:30 pm Location: Xcel Energy Center
    Saint Paul, MN
  • Thursday, Sept. 22; 7:00 pm Location: INTRUST Bank Arena
    Wichita, KS

As a fan you want to know about Blake Shelton schedule for his tour, right? Then check the . You can find your schedule, the date and time for the concert. Reserved the best seats because you want to experience the big man’s performance in full view. Bring along with your friends who shares your taste in music or fresh meat that needs to be educated with real music, because you don’t want to skip this month because SEPTEMBER is going to be a big hit for Mr. Blake Shelton.

The Power of Plumber Golden Grove South Australia

plumber manGolden Grove is a suburb of Adelaide in North-eastern part. It a lot of schools and building just like Adelaide. Just as many as the people there is also the need of proper clean and portable water. Water is very essential to human needs, even to every living organism like animals and plants. Even if you have a water supply in your house, no one knows when it can be contaminated (for being stagnant) or when an emergency can occur. This is when the power of is essential. Many people don’t understand the complexity of having a plumber as a profession. They often think of them as a man who likes to be under kitchen sink or a man that have an expertise in bathroom and such. But don’t underestimate their power or abilities, as there are many people alive today who needs water, that’s also the many demand of plumber.

As a profession, plumbers are committed to provide quality services and absolute safety for every client needs across Golden Grove, Adelaide Australia. But thinking outside the box, plumbers have a very complex job paths dedicated to answers every client needs, especially when it comes to water. They also have some expertise in heat systems and oil systems which greatly require high safety precaution; they are the only ones who can do it right, thus they are needed. You don’t want to mess up something like that right? In every establishment where people stay or live, there is a demand of water and of course a plumber. As it needs electricity throughout the entire building, it also needs water to flow throughout, this also requires the plumber to possess the ability to read blueprints and remember the policies and precautions of the building, they are as in demand as electricians, only that they create a flow of clean and portable water instead of electricity. They have the ability to fit pipes and bend it t make a smoother flow of water. Yes they are in demand, but not many people understand their power, how is that possible? Simply, many people need water so they are in demand, but there are only a few people who really understand the complexity of the job and the ability that a plumber has to possess before becoming a qualified one. Moreover, many people who have plumbing jobs tend to stick with it in their entire lives and those who have retired still do some plumbing and some offers training for those who want to learn the power of plumbers and eventually become one.

Plumber Golden Grove already helped many people throughout the suburb, some of them cleared a blocked drainage, some fixed the hot and cold water system, and some repaired kitchen sink pipes and all about the process of maintaining a flow of usable, clean water. There are many plumbing services in Golden Grove who offer best service with a highly qualified plumber to answer every client needs. If you have some water problems, don’t wait and keep on thinking, there are various harmful situations that can occur and possibly harm your family if you don’t make an action fast, so go ahead and call the plumber Golden grove, and witness their powers (abilities) with your own eyes.

Reasons Why Backpacks are Hot Items on Sale Again

shopIf you are in the retailing business and you have tried selling backpacks, you might realize that your sales have increased recently. Well, you are not alone. In fact, a lot of business owners selling backpacks also felt the same. There is a drastic increase in the number of people buying backpacks. Yes, these items are always useful and so many people buy them. However, they are even more popular now. There are a lot of reasons behind it though.

Backpacks are for kids of all ages

When it comes to backpacks, you might easily associate them with schooling. You remember when you were still young and you have to go to school carrying your favorite bag. It was loaded with heavy books and other important items. Yet, you are still happy about it. However, when you started working in the corporate world, you are no longer using those bags. You start using briefcases or more formal bags. Well, it is no longer the trend these days.

Briefcases are good and useful. They also look elegant. However, their purpose is limited. You can’t put a lot of items inside them. Aside from a few documents and supplies, the rest can’t be accommodated anymore. As a result, you end up using more bags and carrying more wherever you go. Of course, many people don’t want this. Hence, backpacks became popular again. No one cares anymore what kids of bag you bring to the office. Even if you are just carrying a backpack as long as it looks fine and it can hold everything that you need, then you are good to go.

Office workers, teachers, people working on the field and many more are using backpacks these days. They find it more comfortable. These bags also have a lot of compartments where they can easily organize the items that they needed to bring. They are also sturdy and can last for a long time. The best part is that no matter how heavy the things are inside the bag, you can’t feel that much.

The advantage of a military backpack

Of all the hot backpacks on sale, military bags are among the most popular. To begin with, they look so cool and trendy. Anyone who wanted to look tough can use the bag. They are also filled with small and huge pockets. Therefore, if you wish to organize things of different sizes, it is very easy. They are also meant to last for a long time. Just imagine the actual bags used by military men. They are the made of the same materials. Thus, even if you think like you are going to a war every day, you won’t have anything to worry about. If you really want to use a Military backpack, then check out the best .

Take advantage of the opportunity

If you are running a business or you intend to open up a business, this is the best time for you to make the most out of the popularity of military bags. You can invest on these bags and sell them. You can open up a store that offers military backpacks of different sizes or you can simply open an online shop.

The first thing that you have to do is to study your market and make sure that they will buy what you offer. It also helps that you listen to the trend as there might be other styles of backpacks that will be more popular in the future. Most of all, you have to get the word out there. If you have decided to launch a business, it is important to make others know about it. Put up posters, send flyers and buy a billboard space if you really want a huge business. If you are to run a simple business, then advertise online. Maximize the use of social media. Open a Facebook page to advertise your product. Advertise in blogs, forums and other opportunities that you can find. As soon as you get the word out there, you can expect orders to come flooding.

It is here to stay

You might think that just like any other trends, military bags too will fade. However, it is not necessarily the case. To begin with, they really are useful items. They are sturdy and they are worth the price. Therefore, a lot of people will spend their money to buy one. There are items that are meant to last long if people understand their importance.

Thai Coup: What’s the Economic Impact?

The continuing clashes of Thai government and anti-government protesters have a great impact on the economy. Protesters want the current Prime Minister and its members to resign. Chaos left Thailand practically a no-go district for tourists, with shopping stores,  restaurants and hotels closed.

Some shopping stores close their businesses because of protesters occupying the area last month. This seems to be unstoppable and could harm Thailand’s growing economy and scare foreign investors and tourists. This is more than drug addiction that needs . Chaos like this will bring damage to the entire region.

Tourism contributes a lot to a country’s economic development. But given the Thailand situation, tourism is expected to decrease in rate. This is bad news because 6% of Thailand’s economy depends on foreign visitors. Tourists are now advised by the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office to rearrange their flight schedules or cancel it.

Clashes between protesters and soldiers left hotels with a 20% drop down on their income. If this problem will continue, it’s predictable that businesses will shut down and economy will be affected. Some shopping stores are bothered by the red shirt zone since the protest began.

Economists are forecasting a 20%  lower economic growth if the crisis will not be stopped. The country’s economy mostly depends on exports and surely, the performance this year will be highly affected. Exporters want business assurance and it will not be given to them if the current situation will not be resolved.

The fear of foreign investors is inevitable due to continuing protest and chaos. Some Japanese clients are already delaying their contract signing because of the risk of sales. Some foreign investors are also planning to withdraw their investment since last month, leaving Thailand’s stocks the cheapest in Asia to date.

The country really needs help in facing this problem. They need allies to resolve the chaos that may bring the people and the nation down. Tourists and foreign investors will not gain the courage to spend money if the crisis will worsen. Remember that this is a worldwide phenomenon that affects even the world economy.  Crippling Thailand’s business sector has a huge impact on economic growth.

Government Assistance for Single Moms

A single mom’s life is full of difficulties. With numerous sufferings and challenges, it can be a lifetime of pain and struggle. However, the difficulties of life can be eased with the help of right assistance program in the sidelines. Seeking help in the time of need is very vital to take the maximum advantage. Putting some time looking for different programs is one good idea to pick the most suitable one. Local government offices can be contacted to help find out details of the program. It’s important to study the eligibility and features of different programs before applying for them.  The Federal government offers in a variety of forms.

is specifically meant for single mothers who need help in paying their periodic rent. Mortgage loans and housing loans are also available to single moms at a low interest rate. The Government provides facility in low amount for down payment to avail the home loans.

FHA Mortgage Program

The FHA Mortgage program. is an organization that has been assisting single mothers to purchase homes since the 1930s. The FHA insures loan so lenders are able to offer more to single moms seeking for housing, including:

· Smaller Down Payments

· Lower Closing Costs

· Flexible Qualifying Guidelines

The FHA is able to help single mothers in many ways:

1. They can minimize the required down payment to as low as 3.5% of the housing purchase price.

2. Fees and closing costs can also be included within the loan.

3. The loan can be refinanced to assist single mothers with needed home repairs after they purchase the property.

They also help single mothers to purchase mobile homes, whether they’re on land or in a mobile home park. This is good news because mobile homes are usually less expensive than a traditional home prices so it increases the chance for a more affordable home.

is specifically provided to help single mothers who are attending a full time job while taking care of their toddler . Many single moms who are in the middle of a divorce cannot pursue it further because of financial limitations, they can ask for Legal Help for Single Mothers.